About Chaun Choung Technology Group

Chaun Choung Technology Corporation, also known as CCI, was founded in 1973.  The company
specializes in aluminum and copper product manufacturing.  Our primary focus is on thermal solutions:
heat sinks, heat pipes, thermal modules, front panels, and covers.

In 1995, CCI teamed up with Industrial Technology Research Institute for the micro heat pipe research.  
With the success of the project, CCI became the first company in Taiwan production micro heat pipes.  
The combination of traditional heat sink and hi-tech heat pipe making CCI more advanced in the field of
heat sink and thermal module manufacturing.

In 1997, CCI began to mass produce thermal module for notebook industry.  CCI is now one of the top
suppliers of thermal module for Notebook/Laptops.

In 2002, CCI teamed up with Industrial Technology Research Institute for a second time to introduce
vapor chamber.

In 2003, Chaun Choung Technology America inc. was opened to provide USA based companies a
convenient communication point for their sales and logistic needs.

In 2004, CCI got 14001 and OHSA 18001 certification.  CCI also aggressively entered the desktop
thermal industry combining heat pipe and stacked fin heat sinks.

Today the company continues to work on ways to improve technology to support its customers current
and future thermal needs.
Part of the Chaun-Choung Technology Group