CCI Group provide a wide variety of thermal designs to meet our customers needs.  We are able to
support by manufacturing parts to customer specific designs.  CCI is also able to work with its customers
to co-design or adjust current designs to better fulfill todays continually changing market.

Extrusion - Extrusion Heat Sinks are currently the most cost affective way to cover lower end thermal
requirements.  CCI can provide a wide variety of extrusion type parts: Thin Fin, High Aspect Ratio, Cooler
(Fan attached), and Skived.  Primary uses in computers, Power Supply, and Car Amplifiers.

Thermal Heat Pipe - High end equipment need high end thermal performance.  Thermal heat pipe
solution may be the best way for you to meet your thermal needs at a reasonable price.  Todays Heat
Pipe designs allow the customer more flexibility is configuration to meet space constraints by transferring
heat to fin Assembly.  CCI is a major supplier in OEM Desktop and Notebook  products.  We are able to
do this using: Stacked Fin and Punch Fin, Grooved Heat Pipe, Mesh Heat Pipe, Powder Heat Pipe, and
for NB our new Blend Design Heat Pipe.

Covers - CCI can also provide Aluminum covers for items like: LCD's, PDA's, Speaker Closure, and Front

Custom Machining - As systems get more complex and smaller customers thermal needs become more
complex.  CCI has wide range of equipment to support its customers special design needs: cut-outs,
contours, and through-holes.


Custom Thermal Design - No matter how hard you try some times off the shelf heat sinks will not work
in your design.  CCI's R&D team will work with our customer to understand their need and resolve design

Prototyping - CCI provides thermal solution prototyping service to our customers.  Once a design
specification is ready CCI can build this design so that the customer can evaluate the design.  Most
prototypes can be ready withing 2-4 weeks of receiving design specification.

Vertical Integration - CCI provides its customers with Vertical Integration.  In-House Design, Production,
Assembly, Inspection, and World-Wide Shipping


* All CCI factories are in full compliance with the RoHS Regulations.  We guarantee that harmful or
poisonous elements such Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, PBB, PBDE, Chromium +6, and their compounds
shall not be used in our production.  CCI can provide part certification if desired.
Part of the Chaun-Choung Technology Group